Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recap of Slims vs. Proper Eats

On Sunday, September 20th, Proper Eats met Slim's in the brownfield lot next to Marie's for a cutthroat game of Dodgeball. This long-awaited showdown was fun for everyone--- although there were a lot of balls flying towards Proper heads!!! There were a few pirates on deck (up from the Pirate Festival!), some little ones with big game, and lots of friends helping out! All we can say is, WE WON the first two out of three!!! Of course, we went on to play about 7 more games (at least!) and the final tally was definitely in favor of Slim's! See you on the field next time! Thanks for the photos, Heather!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Proper Eats features Original Music Only!

Hi All-

Proper Eats is proud to present free, local, live music in our cafe three nights a week!
All of our musicians play original compositions. We unfortunately cannot
afford to pay licensing fees to corporate music giants like ASCAP and BMI at this time, so all music at Proper Eats is free, uncopyrighted music for the masses. Copyright lawsuits have forced many
small restaurants and bars out of business, so we are underscoring our dedication to be a copyright-free, DYI destination for artists and musicians in Portland.

Thanks for supporting Proper Eats and free music in St. John's!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Attention Musicians!!!

We have a new email for booking music at Proper Eats! It is
Please email us with links to your songs or to let us know about your music! We have slots available on Friday and Saturday nights. Music starts around 8pm and our shows are always free!!!

See you at Proper Eats!