Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No.Fest 2010!

Don't miss this art explosion in St. Johns. Audio/Visual entertainment will engulf our not-so-sleepy peninsula! Proper Eats will be one of many venues on the "main drag" hosting free music and art Friday, June 25th and Saturday, June 26th. The festival is free and open to all ages! Hooray!

For more detailed information about No.Fest 2010, visit

Here is the schedule for Proper Eats:
Friday June 25th
6:30pm- Mae Starr
7:00pm- Paula Keyth
8:00pm- Alyssa Timon
10:00pm- Quim

Saturday June 26th
1:30pm- Doug Haning Quartet
3:30pm- Eric Jordan
4:30pm- Blake Mackey
5:30pm- CNCTD
6:30pm- Sustentacula
7:30pm- Kelly Slusher
8:30pm- DaiN
10:00pm- Billygoat